Fill out the left or right application form below based on your division, listed at the top of each registration form:

Non-competitive (Strings)
Primary, Elementary, and Junior Division (Piano)



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Youth Division and Young Artist (Strings) 
Senior Division and Young Artist (Piano)



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All videos are due by October 19th to the email account. 


This registration and application form is due on October 5th. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO AT THIS TIME. Specific instructions on how to submit videos are below.

Instructions for recording your submission: 

All video recordings can be made with an iPhone or Android, provided you have a steady visual and good quality of audio and video. Submissions must be one single shot with no cuts. DO NOT SUBMIT VERTICAL VIDEO RECORDINGS. Only horizontal video will be accepted and judged. 

If possible, using a separate video camera and external microphone will provide the most ideal sight and sound, but we understand that may not be possible under the current circumstances. Please remember that we are judging your performance, not the quality of your recording. 

When recording, make sure that the instrument, the hands, and the face of the performer can all be seen clearly. The ideal angle is slightly to the right of center (for piano, from the stage), where you can see the side of the performer's face, their hands, and the keys of the piano. Recordings can be made anytime during the past six months, so long as they are not copyrighted recordings or from other competitions or festival. The Connecticut Bach Festival and Competition reserves the right to use your video submission in its presentation of the winners and in any other way it sees fit. 

To submit your video, you must upload it to either Youtube or Vimeo. For more specific instructions on how to upload a video, you can visit this link.

IMPORTANT: Once you have uploaded your video, make the title of your video the student name and the division/instrument you have entered (e.g. John Smith, Elementary Division, piano).


In the description of your video, include the title of the piece you are performing, including all relevant movements (e.g. Bach English Suite No. 1 in A major, BWV 806, I. Prelude and II. Allemande). If this information does not match the information in your registration form above, we will be unable to judge your performance.

Before publishing your video, make sure that it is (preferably) unlisted or public. DO NOT SELECT PRIVATE. If you do, we will not be able to watch your video or judge your performance. 

Final step: Once you have uploaded your video, email a link of your performance to Please include the student name and division in the subject line of the email. No other information is necessary, as it should already be included in the Youtube or Vimeo video description. Please do not include any other text other than your link in the email. 

If you have any issues with uploading your video, please contact and we can arrange for a different method of submission.