Congratulations to our 2020 Winners!

Primary Division (Piano):

1st. place -- Joyce Xue    (Nina Miller, teacher)

2nd. place -- Dylan Hwang   (Malgosia Lis)

3rd. place -- Amy Long   (Tamila Azadaliyeva)

Honorable Mention -- Noelle Hwang   (Malgosia Lis)

Honorable Mention -- Claire Xie    (Nina Miller)   


Elementary Division (Piano):

1st. place -- Lina Elwood  (Kumiko Imamura)

2nd. place -- Alice Li  (Malgosia Lis)

3rd. place -- Amanda Huang   (Alexander Gurin)

Honorable Mention -- Jane Xue   (Nina Miller)

Honorable Mention -- Jessica Feng    (Tamila Azadaliyeva)


Junior Division (Piano):

1st Prize -- Jennifer Chen  (Tamila Azadaliyeva)

2nd Prize -- Hudson Shi   (Elaine Silbereis)

3rd Prize -- Yifan Wei  (Tamila Azadaliyeva)

Honorable Mention -- Avery Cotton   (Yoshi Akimoto)

Honorable Mention -- Anna Dobbins  (Elaine Silbereis)

Honorable Mention -- Matilda Green  (Victoria Reeve)


Senior Division (Piano):

1st Prize -- Grace Nieh    (Margreet Francis)

2nd Prize -- Julia Zheng   (Sima Brodsky)

3rd Prize -- Sophia Cornicello   (Elaine Silbereis)

Honorable Mention -- Ayushman Choudhury  (Rebecca Calissi)

Honorable Mention -- Jack Dendinger  (Anne Lee)

Honorable Mention -- Joy Xu  (Yoshi Akimoto)


Young Artist Division (Piano):

1st Prize -- En-hua Holtz  (Margreet Francis)

2nd Prize -- Chenyu Wang  (Paul Rutman)

3rd Prize -- Ozzy Tang    (Angelina Gadeliya)

Honorable Mention -- Arisa Sato  (Margreet Francis)


Youth Division (Strings): 

1st prize -- Tyler Ngai (Blake Brasch)

2nd prize -- Lang Le  (Christopher Ladd)

3rd prize -- Daniel Wang  (Steve Larson)

Honorable mention -- Vien Le  (Blake Brasch)


Young Artist (Strings): 

1st -- Sofia Gilchenok  (Hsin-Yun Huang)

2nd -- not awarded

3rd -- Kevin Funnell (Mihai Tetel)

Honorable Mention -- Jacob Clark  (Katie Lansdale)

Honorable Mention -- Hsin Chen  (Mihai Tetel)

Honorable Mention -- Marisa Jardim (Mihai Tetel)

Comment sheets will be sent out to each participant in the next one to two weeks (following the festival) to the email from which you submitted your video.

Please allow for some time for these to be sent, as this year's festival had the most entrants to date. Winners will be contacted separately to arrange for awards to be sent.


Our Youtube page can be found here. If you missed any of the performances or the winners recitals, they are uploaded to our page and can still be viewed by scrolling over to the playlist tab, or by clicking the link above.


. We would highly recommend watching this year's incredible presentation and performance by Arthur Haas and Martha McGaughey.  To read more about them, as well as the rest of this year's judges, please click here.

Connecticut Bach Festival and Competition
Sunday, November 8, 2020

Schedule of Events

12:00 pm:  Primary and Elementary Keyboard Winners Recital (grades K-3 & 4-6)

1:00 pm: Junior Keyboard Winners Recital (grades 7-9)

2:00 pm: A Feast of Baroque Music: Bach – Before and After
Arthur Haas, harpsichord  
Martha McGaughey, viola da gamba

3:30 pm: Youth String Winners Recital (grades 9-12)

4:30 pm: Young Artist String Winners Recital (ages 18-30)

5:30 pm:  Senior Keyboard Winners Recital (grades 10-12)

6:30 pm: Young Artist Keyboard Winners Recital  (ages 18-30)

The Connecticut Bach Festival and Competition's YouTube channel (either click here or copy and paste the link below):